How To Open Netflix Account | 3 Ways To Open Netflix

How To Open Netflix Account

Netflix is an International Video On-demand service with tons of great media content including Series, movies, documentaries and TV shows in a wide variety of genres and languages. Netflix is the only one platform now on the Internet, where you can stream original contents of probably all international TV shows and movies. 

In recent time, 139 million people from 190 countries of the world are using Netflix Paid version and its growth rate is continuous. Members of Netflix can enjoy watching anywhere, anytime on any internet access devices without any commercials or commitments. 

It’s too simple to join or open Netflix account. There are certain easy steps and procedures that you need to follow in order to open Netflix account for free on One-month trial. 

As Netflix does not offer its contents for more than one month, if you are using trial version. In order to access all the contents of Netflix for more than one month, you need to open Netflix account in a Paid version.

Note: Only those countries are allowed to open Netflix account where payment option (Paypal, Mastercard, AMEX, VISA card) is acceptable. 

How to Open Netflix account for free one-month trial:

Step 1: Go through any of your web browsers and Navigate (Official Netflix website). Though it says it’s a free one month trial period of subscription, you still need to confirm your Payment option either with PayPal or any International acceptable card to open Netflix account. If you delete or cancel the subscription before the trial period, you don’t need to pay any subscription charge.

Step 2: After navigating official website of Netflix, click on “WATCH FREE FOR 30 DAYS”, to continue your sign up process. You need to follow a series of step to complete registration.

Step 3: 1st step of your Sign up the process to open Netflix account, select “SEE THE PLANS”, to know some pricing information, default it select Premium as a one-month free account. 
open netflix

Step 4: Select “CONTINUE” for further steps to open Netflix account.

open netflix
Step 5: It asks for you to “CONTINUE” and move to the next step where you need to fill up some information that is must to open Netflix.
open netflix

Step 6: In order to Open Netflix account, you need to provide genuine E-mail and a strong password. You can CHECK the radio button, to get inform about the latest Netflix offers or UNCHECK it to get rid of such emails.

open netflix

Step 7: After continuing, it asks for you to select either of PAYMENT options. Select whichever payment option you are familiar with. Discarding these steps will not succeed to open Netflix account. 
In most of the country, PayPal is not acceptable, where you can select either Debit or Credit card, it accepts both. In some countries, Netflix gift card is available as a payment option from where you can subscribe to Netflix membership and enjoy.

open netflix

Step 8: If you are selecting either of Debit or Credit card as a payment option to open Netflix account, fill up these information and select “START MEMBERSHIP”, to finish up the registration process.
If you select PayPal as your Payment option you need to set it up within the registration process, for it, you need to paste your PayPal email.

Step 9: After completing all these simple steps, you can open Netflix account and enjoy latest TV shows, documentaries and movies, anywhere anytime on any network accessible devices.

How to open Netflix account on Android Device:

After installing Netflix application from your App store (available on both iOS and Android), you just need to follow same steps as described above. It is too simple to complete the registration process in the Android phone as well.

How to open Netflix account on a ROKU:

You can stream Netflix content using Roku as well. Follow these steps to enable Netflix on your TV and enjoy its content. You can login to your Netflix account or you can just open Netflix account using ROKU device on the TV. The signup process is exactly same as we discussed above.

Follow these steps to enable Netflix on your TV that uses ROKU to stream.

Step 1: After navigating ROKU home screen, select “Netflix” on the home screen.

Step 2: Select the option that says Streaming Channels or Channel store from the left menu.

Step 3: Select “Netflix” and start adding Channel into it.

If you are using ROKU1, you need to access code, before you start watching videos on it. Follow these steps to continue your Subscription. 

Step 1: After opening Netflix, you will redirect to the screen that displays the message “Are You a Member of Netflix?”

Step 2: Select “Yes”, then you will access the code to activate your Subscription.

Step 3: Navigate to and enter the subscription code.

Step 4: Return back and enjoy Netflix. 

How to open Netflix and enjoy it for free (Not trial but actually for free):

If you don’t want to pay subscription amount to Netflix but still wants to enjoy Netflix for free. Here are some steps you just simply need to follow in order to access the Netflix content for free.

1  1. Open Netflix up With Multiple Email and billing method:

If your, trial period is about to end and wants to get rid of its billing process. You just simply cancel the Subscription of the old account and open Netflix account with different Email and Billing address, following the same signup process.

2   2.  Using Free Netflix accounts:

There is hundreds of such Netflix account available over the internet, which is accessible to the contents of Netflix. But, we don’t guarantee it, sometimes it fails to work.  You can enjoy Netflix by generating own Netflix account and password by completing some surveys. Click here to generate Netflix account: (developed by one of the developers of Netflix)
You can try any of these accounts, which might crack the gate of Netflix.
open netflix

1   3.Getting Netflix from Phone or Cable Company:

There are some cell phone and cable company around your cities that gives you the full access to the Netflix for a certain period of time for free. These offers only work if you get your Cell phone or Cable from one of them, who offers Netflix account as bonus package to you. This is also a way to use Netflix for free.

Hope this short article on how to open Netflix account is understandable and become useful for you.

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