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Top Best Comedy Movies on Netflix 
Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

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      Today have brought a very great news for its special viewers who are too busy in their daily stuffs and have forgotten their personal life too. Whole day what you do is your usual boring stuffs. 

Sometimes you might be frustrated and need a break from your job. In such case what may be a better option than watching a comedy movie.  And guess what Netflix have all the movie contents that will make your frustrated life normal. The best comedy movies on Netflix are trending in recent days.

                                   Sometimes you are in a mood to laugh and Netflix provides you the exact same platform that you want. Yes you heard it right, everything you need to laugh and release your tensions is now available on Netflix. Simply what I am willing to say is that what may be other better option than watching a comedy movie to release tensions.

                Netflix is all you need to be relaxed. Luckily, Netflix  has everything you need to be relaxed. So the wait is over. Don’t wait for holidays or vacations. Do what you like to get rid of this frustration on the spot. And what I suggest is go on Netflix and search for best comedy movies on Netflix and stream it.
 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix Right Now

 1. 50/50

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

50/50 toes the line between comedy and drama more than most movies co-starring Seth Rogen, but that's what makes it such a welcome treat. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as an up-and-coming NPR journalist diagnosed with a life-threatening spinal tumor. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of laughs to be had during the course of his painful journey.  Although his such critical situation somehow he managed to forgot his pains.

Both Gordon-Levitt's heartfelt and often intense performance and the endearing script from Will Reiser (who drew from his own battle with cancer) give 50/50 a crucial sense of authenticity.

 2.Magic Mike

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

Recent years have taught us that Channing Tatum is more than just a great comedian and a very handsome man; he's also a legitimately terrific actor.

  His acting skills has amazed everyone.Magic Mike puts all three skills to good use, casting Tatum as a very talented male stripper who yearns for more out of his life and career.

 Come for the beefcake, and stay for an intelligent, hilarious and extremely well-directed look at the ups and downs of the stripper lifestyle.


Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

The journey of making Network was not really easy.When it was first released, it might have been easy to dismiss Network as a ridiculously exaggerated look at the depths the news media will sink in pursuit of ratings.

 Nowadays? We're almost hesitant to even call it a comedy. This eerily prescient satire stars Peter Finch as a newscaster driven over the edge by the endless pursuit of ratings.

 But when he threatens to commit suicide on-air, the network opts to capitalize on the spectacle rather than, you know, actually try to prevent a tragedy in the making.

 4.Dump And  Dumber

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

Jim Carrey had a very busy year in 1994, starring in no fewer than three soon-to-be-classic comedies.

 Of that trio, Dumb and Dumber is the one that best stands the test of time. This movie was blockbuster and was on trend then. Carey and co-star Jeff Daniels gave us one of the all-time great buddy duos in Lloyd and Harry, two numbskulls who venture on an ill-advised road trip in search of true love.

 This is one of those cases where you'll be glad a movie makes you feel dumber for having watched it.

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

If Shaun of the Dead didn't prove definitively that zombies and comedy are a great combination, Zombieland sealed the deal.

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin star as one of the most entertaining zombie-slaying teams on the big screen, four unlikely friends who just want to make their way to the post-apocalyptic paradise that is Pacific Playland. 

The film lovingly spoofs zombie tropes even as it functions as a pretty solid horror thriller in its own right. Best of all, the film boasts what may be the single greatest celebrity cameo in Hollywood history.


Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

You might occasionally need subtitles, but director Guy Ritchie is at his best in this goofy yet complex crime movie.

 Snatch stars Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, Jason Flemying and a nigh-incomprehensible Brad Pitt in a movie full of wacky plot twists, interconnected storylines and a truly unique sense of visual style.

7.National Lampoon's Animal House

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

John Landis’ Animal House is gross in so many ways, and yet it's still terrific.

The tale of a bunch of also-rans who can't get into the "cool" frat -- and really, who would want that anyway -- birthed so many iconic moments and jokes, while also giving us John Belushi's unforgettable performance as historian and future senator Bluto.

 "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!" Nope, and it's not over until you watch Animal House.

8.Music and Lyrics

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

This movie by its very name is the blend of romance and comedy.This romantic comedy features several veterans of the genre, including director Marc Lawrence and stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

 Grant plays a washed-up pop star (a la Duran Duran) and Barrymore plays an aspiring writer who join forces to make music together. 

While predictable and formulaic, Music and Lyrics is a very charming and lighthearted way to spend a couple hours. And really, isn't that exactly what most rom-com viewers are looking for?

 These are the 8 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix all the time.

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